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More Than Just an SEO Company

When I started Digital+ in July of 2011, I wanted to help local businesses grow. My philosophy is that America’s economy will only be strong when the mom & pop businesses are healthy. Local SEO was in it’s infancy and I saw it as a great way for a local small business owner to successfully grow their sales and profits. 10+ years later many of our customers are getting a third of their business from locals that find them on Google and getting ROI’s of well over 350%.

But over those 10+ years not only has SEO changed but optimizing your business online has changed drastically. Now website content, blogging, mobile friendly design, online reputation, and social media are all becoming an integral part of bringing prospects to your website and having them purchase.

So over the years Digital+, LLC has become a digital marketing firm by adding a number of experts & systems into it’s operations to stay current with the trends THAT WORK.

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